Meet Tesla Of Wallets

Why You Need Smart Wallet ?

Your old wallet is still a leather wallet? Thick wallets and purses are a thing of the past. The Villantto's Slim Wallet is only as big as a credit card and fits comfortably in the front pocket of your trousers. Our card holder wallets for men and women offer you space for up to 15 cards and have a quick access to your bank cards and ID. Your notes and cards are safe in this small RFID protected wallet.

The focus of our slim wallets is on design and ease of use. Durable materials are at the forefront of our modern wallets. We use aircraft-grade aluminium for our minimalist wallets.

Our Wallet Vs Competitor Wallet

Our Smart Wallet
Competitor Wallet
6062 - T6 Space Grade Aluminum
1-15 Cards
0.29" Thin
RFID Ptotection
5 Star Reviews
1 Year Warranty